Thank you for your interest in employment with 莫哈维族县 6686皇冠最新登陆.

The 莫哈维族县 6686皇冠最新登陆 System prohibits discrimination in sex, 年龄, 国家的起源, 比赛, color, 宗教, 遗传信息, 残疾, 政治或退伍军人的身份. As an equal employment affirmative action employer, the 莫哈维族县 6686皇冠最新登陆 System recognizes the responsibility to extend equal opportunity to all persons.

It is the responsibility of an applicant with a 残疾 requiring accommodation in the selection process to contact the 6686皇冠最新登陆 人力资源 Office at (928) 718-4928 或TDD # (928) 753-0726. With prior notice to the 6686皇冠最新登陆 人力资源 Office regarding application or testing modifications, the 6686皇冠最新登陆 will make every attempt to offer reasonable accommodation for qualified applicants and employees with disabilities.

The following positions are open to the public and current employees:

Juvenile Detention Officer I - 缓刑 - High School Diploma/GED缓刑——亚利桑那州金曼视图
人力资源 Technician Senior - 缓刑缓刑——亚利桑那州金曼视图
Automation Systems Specialist - 6686皇冠最新登陆6686皇冠最新登陆-金曼,亚利桑那州视图



Do you desire a position w在这里 you make a difference in people's lives and serve justice?  If so, the place to find that dream job is with the 莫哈维族县 6686皇冠最新登陆 and 缓刑.

莫哈维族县 has 1200 miles of coastline, 300+ days of sunshine and a low cost of living. 点击 在这里 to explore all that 莫哈维族县 has to offer. 

Applications are created online through our applicant tracking system, NEOGOV. After clicking on the “Apply” link, you will create a profile. This profile may be used to submit additional applications. Your application is not forwarded to 6686皇冠最新登陆 人力资源 until the “Submit” button has been pressed. Note: You cannot make changes to your application once it has been submitted.

点击 在这里 to review the 缓刑 Application Sheet with Disqualifiers.

点击 在这里 to review the Chief 缓刑 Officer Recruitment Brochure.

点击 在这里 to review the 法庭保安助理 Supplemental Packet.


List your employers for the last 10 years of employment (including volunteer positions). List jobs held prior to 10 years ago if they relate to the position you are applying for. For each listing, provide complete contact information and accurate addresses of former employers. Resumes can also be submitted but are considered supplemental information only.

OPEN CONTINUOUS and OPEN UNTIL FILLED positions may be filled at any time and t在这里fore issuance or acceptance of an application shall not be construed as incurring an obligation by the 6686皇冠最新登陆 of 莫哈维族县. 申请如不完整,将会被拒绝. You may be disqualified for any false statement or for omitting information.


  Applicants who fail to submit all required information will not be considered for employment.
  All applications are accepted on a tentative basis subject to later review of your employment history.
  If you do not meet the necessary requirements or your work history is not acceptable, 我们不会考虑雇用你.

Some positions require testing that may include a written examination, 董事会口头面试, 计算机技能测试, 性能测试, 信用检查, 和测谎仪, 心理和诚实测试.

如果你有体检的话, mental or learning 残疾 that may affect your ability to take the test for which you are applying, please contact a representative of the 6686皇冠最新登陆 人力资源 Office. Special testing accommodations may be arranged if verification of the 残疾 is provided by a doctor, 康复顾问, 或者其他权威. You will be contacted to make specific arrangements. Under provision of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (艾达) as amended, this information is obtained only to arrange accommodations.

申请人的测试: Certain positions require testing, including but not limited to:

  Computer based skills testing through the OPAC (Office Proficiency Assessment Certification)

Applications are screened against defined job-related criteria and the top applicants are certified to the hiring department for further consideration in the selection process in accordance with 莫哈维族县 6686皇冠最新登陆 Judicial Merit System Rules.

Individuals selected for a position in the 6686皇冠最新登陆 system will be officially extended an offer of employment by a representative of the 6686皇冠最新登陆 人力资源 Office.


Prospective employees must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Provide (at their own expense) documents establishing identity and employment eligibility.
  • 签署忠诚誓言.
  • Undergo a fingerprint check and criminal background investigation.
  • Drug/alcohol screen (officers and safety sensitive positions only.)
  • For positions requiring the operation of a Court/County or personal vehicle, 必须持有有效的亚利桑那州驾照, as well as a satisfactory three-year driving history record.

点击 在这里 for Employment Preference Points Information / Claim Form